Travel Lessons

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Around 2010, three years before my fiftieth birthday I started loosely planning a motorcycle ride, cross country, from my home in Georgia to the Grand Canyon. A job change in 2012, and an bad fall resulting in augers forced the postponement of that ride. But I’ll post on that at later date.
So now in 2015 all healed and back up on two wheels I’ve stated making plans for the ride next year. My original plan was to ride approximately 500 miles a day and look for a motel room in the afternoon, and evening hours.
On my job I travel a lot and from time to time I have to stay overnight in motels. My hours having my day ending about 2-3 a.m. And I then go to one of the two motels my companies has agreements with for a room. The last 3 times I’ve tried this both motels have been booked solid. And so I have to hunt and scrounge for a room then pay for it myself and get reimbursed.
Needless to say the lack of a sure deal roof over my head for the the night the last three nights has me rethinking my plans about how I approach my ride cross country. The problem being I don’t have clear cut destinations for each day laid out. I was simply going to wing it.
So now I guess I’m doing to have to lay out clear cut plans for destinations, or perhaps decide each morning where I’m going to stop for the night, and call ahead and make a reservation. But that really locks me in to a time frame. I’d much rather go further if I feel like it. While sleeping on the ground, or a motorcycle seat under the stars may sound like a great travel adventure, i don’t think I’m quite that adventurous…; #Travel #Motorcycles #Motorcycletouring #TheGrandCanyon


Downsizing Possessions Upsizing Life

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Having things, nice things is a time honored aspiration. The idea really exploded in the 20TH century, with the increasing availability of higher education parents could reasonably expect to see their children “do better” than they themselves. But along the way a value was lost I believe. That being paying for the nice things as you go. My grandparents paid for everything as they went, there were no credit cards. Then my parents too paid for things “mostly” as they went. But home mortgage and the ready availability of credit started to change the picture. As an adult I, let myself get caught up in the have now, pay later mentality. It has cost a lot over the year’s. It cost me a bankruptcy after a divorce in 2001. After that I said never again. But I slowly did let too much debt back into my life, to steal my life.

This series of arguing to chronicle the change that we are about to undertake. An upsizing of life and a downsizing of stuff…

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